Young women dating object lesson

Young women dating object lesson

Fill a cup to the brim with water and have the class pass it around.When the cup has been passed all the way around, ask them why they handled the cup so carefully and what would have happened if they hadn’t. Ask them why they need to be careful and worthy in holding the priesthood and what might happen if they aren’t.Ask them to read their scripture and discuss why this aspect of the priesthood is important in their group.After a few minutes, bring everyone back together to tell the rest of the class what they learned from the scripture and the importance of the responsibility.The priesthood keeps families and the church together just like shoelaces keep the shoe on your feet.Without shoelaces, it is impossible to run a marathon; without the priesthood, it is impossible to run the church. ldslesson.wordpress gives an object lesson about how to hold the priesthood.Dating Ideas - Find fun date ideas involving meals, developing talents, service, Church, and entertainment.Also, etiquette information, standards, creative invitations and answers, and things to talk about.

Different keys open different doors, and over time, a worthy priesthood holder gets different priesthood keys and different responsibilities.BUT, I think the lesson would mostly consist of the chastity versions of “Stay on the sidewalk, just trust me, stay on the sidewalk, God will bless you, it’s hard but it makes your life better, stay on the sidewalk.”Reasons that explain WHY it’s “for your protection” and “essential to personal peace”, and what sort of “emotional damage” you are avoiding by living chastely.Our Heavenly Father loves us and is basically telling us to “stay on the sidewalk” with the law of chastity, because we don’t always grasp all the scary things that can happen and mess up our happiness. Shumway said “The law of chastity, I testify, is a law of happiness.If a priesthood holder is unworthy of the priesthood, then that is equivalent to having a rusted key that cannot open a door. If you want to go the extra mile, you can turn the metaphor into an object lesson with actual keys and things to open with them. Split the class into groups and assign each one a scripture from the list below.These scriptures will cover some of the duties of the priesthood.

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They know the basic idea about why it’s important to stay on the sidewalk… It would be a little awkward for everybody and we would get the mixed message that physical intimacy was bad, yet good somehow, but overall it’s bad so stay away.

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