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He still can’t wrap his head around his brother transitioning to become a woman.After Bailey walks away, Jackson (Jesse Williams) approaches him, encouraging him to join the plastics team.“I Feel the Earth Move” started with a voiceover from Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) as she tackles another surgery, while skipping another planned trip to Washington, D. As Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) point out, she hasn’t lost a single patient since November – a surgical no-hitter.When an earthquake hits, Meredith covers her patient on the operating table, while Maggie (Kelly Mc Creary) gets hit on in a stuck elevator by Ethan, a radiologist.In the aftermath of the earthquake, Owen (Kevin Mc Kidd) fields a call from an 11-year-old girl named Ruby whose mom fell off a chair.The power is out and the kid hasn’t been able to get through 911 to get an ambulance out there.Maggie is wary of the surgery because of her cardiac history, but Callie is adamant.

She calls Callie (Sara Ramirez) down to the ER to check on a 70something woman who hurt her hip while having sex during the earthquake. Callie wants to completely replace the hardware, which would give her full flexibility in the bedroom – the patient’s major concern.During the surgery, Callie realizes Maggie is going all “upstairs/downstairs” about Ethan because he’s a hospital “underling.” Later, Maggie says there’s this “gap” between her and other people.Callie calls BS, and by the end of the day, Maggie has a date with Ethan.Shortly after the quake hit in “I Feel the Earth Move,” Owen answered what he expected to be a routine phone call but turned out to be Ruby, an 11-year-old whose mother had fallen off a chair at their cabin.(Props for managing to make the moment that he transferred the call to a quieter area so damn tense.) When April informed Hunt that the call couldn’t be traced, he and Amelia diagnosed the mother as best they could over the phone and, with Richard’s help, saved her from suffocating by talking the little girl through basically – yikes! (Who knew the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive” could actually help a patient… ) Later, mother and daughter at last arrived at Grey Sloan by chopper, and Ruby ran into Owen’s arms. After Amelia was able to report that the mom was going to be just fine, she and Owen celebrated by getting it on in an on-call room. ) BATTING A THOUSAND From the start of the hour, Jo obsessed over Mer’s increasingly amazing track record.

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Jackson brings Ben to a consultation with a woman who is looking to get a breast augmentation.

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