Validating cable test jig

Validating cable test jig

The TF-GBE-BTP is the basic test package for 10/100/1000BASE-T tests.

The TF-GBE-ATP is the advanced test package which also includes a 1000BASE-T jitter test channel cable.

Positive side AOI Template test of 100BASE-TX signal.

Template mask tests are often used to quickly verify that the transmitted signal meets industry-standard requirements.

The SR-ENET Ethernet Serial Application provides a higher-level, combined view of the individual signals that make up the 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX bus, making it easy to identify where packets begin and end and identifying subpacket components such as preamble, SFD, MAC addresses, data, FSC, errors, etc.

Are you wasting time manually decoding the waveform?

The standards define the minimum amount of attenuation the reflected signal should have relative to the incident signal.

Let the oscilloscope with the SR-ENET application do it for you!

TDSET3 ingeniously performs the Return Loss test for 85, 100, and 115 Ω (111 Ω for 10BASE-T) impedances as prescribed by the standards, using the same tools such as oscilloscopes and AWG used for other tests, enabling efficient usage of resources.

Timing parameters of the signals are also specified by the standards.

Jitter tests quantify the timing variations of the edges of the signal, using specified test patterns.

These jitter measurements include the contributions from duty cycle distortion and the baseline wander.

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Tektronix offers comprehensive, integrated tool sets for validating the physical layer of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet devices, and for developing and debugging Ethernet-based systems.

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