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Danish raids also occurred sporadically along many coastal parts of Devon between around 800AD and just before the time of the Norman conquest, including the silver mint at Hlidaforda Lydford in 997 and Taintona (a settlement on the Teign estuary) in 1001.Devon has also featured in most of the civil conflicts in England since the Norman conquest, including the Wars of the Roses, Perkin Warbeck's rising in 1497, the Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549, and the English Civil War.

Agriculture has been an important industry in Devon since the 19th century.

Nonetheless in 2015 the dairy industry was still suffering from the low prices offered for wholesale milk by major dairies and especially large supermarket chains.

Dartmoor, for instance, has recently seen a significant rise in the percentage of its inhabitants involved in the financial services sector.

In the Brittonic, Devon is known as Welsh: , each meaning "deep valleys." (For an account of Celtic Dumnonia, see the separate article.) William Camden, in his 1607 edition of Britannia, described Devon as being one part of an older, wider country that once included Cornwall: THAT region which, according to the Geographers, is the first of all Britaine, and, growing straiter still and narrower, shooteth out farthest into the West, [...] was in antient time inhabited by those Britans whom Solinus called Dumnonii, Ptolomee Damnonii [...] For their habitation all over this Countrey is somewhat low and in valleys, which manner of dwelling is called in the British tongue Dan-munith, in which sense also the Province next adjoyning in like respect is at this day named by the Britans Duffneit, that is to say, Low valleys.

[...] But the Country of this nation is at this day divided into two parts, knowen by later names of Cornwall and Denshire, [...] The term "Devon" is normally used for everyday purposes e.g.

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The 2001 UK foot and mouth crisis harmed the farming community severely.

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