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Being single is fine, but there comes a time, when you have dusted yourself down, and come to terms with what has happened that you decide it’s time you get back out there again, back on the dating scene. Have you lost the knack, lost the confidence or just forgotten where to begin?If this is you, then read these ten tips and we’ll help you get you back into the dating scene: 1.Before getting back out there, make sure you are over your ex of 5 years and he understands his place in your life is the past. They play with the toy truck until they get sick of it, put it back on the shelf, then come running back when they see other little boys playing with it. You don’t want to start dating and get distracted by your ex. Unless he’s living under a rock, chances are you can log on and see who he chills with, where he works, and probably if he’s a momma’s boy all by he’s Instagram feed. We tend to compare a lot to our past relationships or look for what we’re used to. Build a bond, friendship, and a connection past intimacy before giving yourself completely to that person.

That doesn’t mean it has to ruin your dating life forever and ever. Get Yourself Straight If you’ve had a bad break-up or are getting out of a long-term relationship, get your personal house in order before getting back in the dating pool. Take some time to heal, take care of yourself and learn to be alone for a little while.This is not a good look, and will not help you meet your Mr/Ms Right. Stop Talking to your Ex If you’re still secretly hoping to work it out with your ex (even though they dumped you!), and maybe, just maybe, are dating new people in hopes of making them jealous – stop it. Get a Life If all of your hobbies and interests were actually “yours,” try some new stuff.This is totally understandable, everyone has their comfort zone. Just don’t expect a woman you’ve seen once or twice to want to sit around in sweats and watch the ballgame – it takes work to get to that point – and it’s a lot of fun. Treat your dates the way you want to be treated Whether you’re looking to date around, or want to find a steady, be upfront about what you’re looking for.Don’t blindside someone who might expect they are the only person you’re dating, let them know you’re looking to play the field.

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During the time you are transitioning into dating again, be sure that you are completely comfortable with who you are and you can be happy on your own first. Now, it may have been a few years since you’ve been on the market and chances are, things have changed. This time, let him ask you about the next step, and don’t take it just because he is ready!

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