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“It’s neat how people can see the exact same thing so differently.”A simple statement ... I love hearing that my writing has helped to open the minds and hearts of young readers. Even if we don’t agree with them, we can understand them.

When any great story draws in and takes us beyond the boundaries of our experiences we come to know what makes those characters tick. Empathy connects us, not only in the stories that we read or write, but more importantly, in the ones we live.

She taught me to follow my heart and listen to my intuition. Some days, I wonder if I is.“Collecting Words” I collect words. Cooke’s lessons, big words about the big world: A-mer-i-ca Vir-gin-ia I feel smart knowing the words, even if I know nothing about anything beyond Whitehaven’s fences. Small words ripped out, saved from being twisted and burned in his fireplace: Slave Sale Cook Some I just sound out in my head myself. I keep them hidden in the pages of Miss Tessa’s old speller. The more I learned about the realities of life as a slave, the more I felt horrified by the history and amazed by the resilience of the human spirit. How was I to know that when she kiss me goodbye that morning before she went to bring Missus her tea, that that be the last time I’d see her? The most surprising discoveries came through the slave narratives. I cried for her all winter, no matter how Bea held me in her big strong arms. “You be a good girl—and, God willing, you going see your momma someday.” So I hush. He has since gone non-compliant after being released from prison.Short has ties to the Arizona area where his family lives and obviously has made residence in Illinois as well. i mean, i try to meet people but they brush me off as too young.

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How do you leave all you’ve ever known, bad as it is?

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